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About Us. 

VanGordon Performance is a full service performance shop. If you are looking for one location to service all your racing, high performance or custom vehicle needs, contact us or come pay us a visit. 

Our Promise.

Whether you have a street machine, vintage or collectible, road course, strip or oval track vehicle or boat, we can take it to the peak of performance. We regularly service and repair vintage and collectible cars and have the experience needed to correctly and effectively address the special needs of these older vehicles.


We have a full engine shop to repair, rebuild, or replace your motor to your expectations. All our engines are built to very exacting tolerances to ensure everything fits perfectly. Making sure that all parts are as close to their exact dimensions as possible helps the engine achieve its maximum potential power and also helps reduce wear.


Our engines have a history of longevity and provide years of performance and reliability. Our goal is to meet or even surpass your expectations and our customer testimonial page will give you an idea of how we are achieving that goal.


Chassis modifications? No problem! Correct suspension tuning to your street, oval or strip vehicle is as important as the horse power under the hood. You may have the power, but chassis issues can rob you of the speed, performance and handling you expect.  Proper alignment, chassis stiffness and suspension geometry are vital components of how your vehicle handles and the correct size and type of tire will provide the optimum cornering force you expect. Another component often overlooked is whether your vehicle has a safe and effective braking system.


We can ensure a chassis setup that will maximize the power you expect from your engine. Power on the road course or quarter mile is wasted if the set up doesn't permit the proper traction and maneuverability to get you around the course or through the lights in the best time possible. 

Proven Reliability.

For each engine built at our shop, we strive for technical excellence and high reliability. The ultimate result is that our engines have amazing longevity.  Peak performance and reliability are the ultimate goals we insist upon for the engines we build.


The engine in the Miller Lite car above has 90 hours of hard charging road course miles as of August 2013. With only routine maintenance, this power plant will continue to deliver the consistent product quality and dependability expected of a VanGordon racing engine. Click here or on the photo of the car above for a video of the car in action.



The 21 car above is owned and driven by Jered King and is the 2012 and 2013 Toyota short track late model champion at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, California.  The car is powered by a 355 ci 10:1 Vorteck steel headed power plant built by VanGordon Racing Engines, Inc.

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