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Our Services. 

Custom Engines.

All engines built by VanGordon's are designed to specifications best suited to the individual driver. Whether for street, strip, the river, oval track or road course, we will build the engine that will give you the peak of performance, reliability, and longevity you want.


The VGR 440 cu in blown motor in NRKA leader Billy B's K-boat has been pumping massive power for over 9 years. Click here or on the  photo to see a video of Billy making a radar run of 141 mph against the river current.







All custom engines built by VanGordon's are pre-run for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to installation to ensure peak performance.

Chassis Modifications.

If you don't like the feel of your car on the road or track, a chassis modification may be all you need. A vehicle that is handling at peak performance should be  reliable and easy to control under power whether during cornering, braking, or acceleration. Getting the power of your engine to the ground depends on the right chassis and suspension setup. Without the appropriate setup, a powerful engine can place an intense amount of strain on parts and cause wheel hop or spin, or worse yet, parts breakage. 


A well set up chassis will perform to your expectations time and time again. For an example, click here.


As an official dealer for the following companies, we  proudly use these quality products:








Collectible, Street and Strip Vehicle Repair.

We provice a full service shop and routinely service and repair custom and collectible vehicles. Most older and vintage vehicles require specialized knowledge that our 40 years of experience has given us. Don't take a chance on  a shop that isn't prepared to work on your vehicle. We have a long history of success in the world of custom vehicles and treat your collectible or vintage car as though it was our own. If you are planning to purchase an older collectible vehicle, click here for our publication on how to make an informed decision.

Carburetor Rebuilds.

We specialize in custom rebuilds and calibrations on all makes of carburetors, including E85 models. Carburetors can be dropped off and rebuilt the same day. Contact us in advance for specifics.

Dyno Service.

By providing a chassis dynamometer assessment, we are able to offer a strategic evaluation of your vehicle under power conditions. We can isolate and quantify many performance parameters for overall vehicle performance. This is the most efficient means of accurately diagnosing your engine at both low and full power levels. When done correctly with minimal stress on the engine, this procedure can take it to its full potential, driveability and overall performance. Please call for an appointment in advance.


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