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Full text testimonials.

Since restoring the car I still race it hard, not quite as much as before, but still giving it all it has. The engine takes it all, has never had a problem, and has never lost a race since the rebuild. I highly recommend VanGordon Racing to everyone I know because I consider him to be the best.  Bruce B. (for full testimonial click on car image)

I've had my 63 Plymouth in 6 different shops over the last 6 months for various issues, and I've had to take it back multiple times for the same issues. Not so with VanGordon. These guys know old cars like I know the back of my hand. Even though their shop is almost 2 hours away, I will not take my cars anywhere else. My Sport Fury runs better than it has since I've owned it. Lesson learned! These guys rock and their prices are lower than you would expect from such a high-end professional shop.  Thanks Jim  for squeezing me in during the busy Christmas season AND on the day you had jury duty!  Bill M.

(click on the photo for a video of this car in action!)

Jim is not only a great engine builder he can set up a race car. Jim helped me obtain a 1963 Nova race car in February 2013. I would never have purchased this car without Jim looking at it first. Once the car was purchased Jim started working on it. He had the car for 2 months and transformed it from an ordinary car to one that goes straight and is safe. I am 67 years old and safety is important to me. I have never owned a race car and would not today if not for Jim's guidance. Jim set the car up and made it safe to drive fast. The first run down the drag strip I was told by Jim not to go as fast as the car would go, but make certain it would go straight and stop at the other end. I followed Jim's advice and it was a true dream to drive. The car's first run, not even pushing it, was a 7.65 in the 1/8 mile. The second run was 6:20. We know the car will go faster but I was pleased with the driving and stopping of the car. Jim can set up cars and makes them safe. Thanks Jim, for all your help.  Another check off for my "bucket list". Charlie L.

Thanks Jim for the great workmanship on my 1968 El Camino.

Not only is your workmanship great, but your knowledge in your

field is exceptional. Thank you again.

Jr Brosnihan, Colonial Coach Works, Inc.

We have known Jim and Gail of VanGordon Racing Engines for many years. Because of Jim, we have been able to build a beautiful race car (actually a couple of race cars over the years). This is our 1971 Camaro with a big block Chevrolet motor. The best quality and knowledge will be found at VanGordon Racing Engines. They have a very clean shop and always treat their customers professionally with the best quality ever! Jeff and Arla P.

I couldn't be happier with the work! I've known Jim since the 80s and the work he did for me back then was always great. We lost touch for a few decades after I got out of the car scene for a bit. Over the last few years, I've assembled a collection of pretty neat cars and while they have run "OK", I like to drive my cars-not sit them on a grass lawn all day. I've had them at various well known shops and mechanics over the years and have never been completely satisfied. I remembered Jim and recalling how his stuff always ran right-wondered if he was still building motors. Thanks to the Internet, I found the website, gave a call and within a few days started bringing engines and cars to Jim. My "Vanishing Point" Challenger is pretty well known. It’s been on the cover of Motor Trend Classic, featured in an Edmunds video, a French documentary, was invited to the PanaVision reunion and BluRay intro of the movie Vanishing Point, was used in an AudioSlave music video, magazine comparos between old and new Challengers, etc. While it has always run fairly strong, it’s always had drivability issues. After a carb swap, numerous fixes and a full tune by Jim, it was literally like a different car! Way better street manners, much quicker, etc! Jim has also just set up my 510 alloy big block in my 69 Corvette and dialed in my vintage race 67 Corvette-both run MUCH better now. Currently, he is building and installing a 426 Hemi into my original 66 Coronet-can't wait to see how that one runs! Steve F.

Jim Van Gordon completed my dream in 2010. He did a frame-off restoration on my 1962 Corvette. Jim's attention to detail is an understatement. There are no superfluities I can use that would demonstrate Jim's outstanding workmanship. Jim made certain that every detail of the work was covered with me before he started. I use the word "dream" because that is what it was. I have owned the 62 Corvette since 1967 and wanted it rebuilt from the ground up (better than new). Try and find someone you can call "dream maker". Jim VanGordon is that man.  Thanks Jim, for making my Dream Come True. Charlie L.

Jim recently dyno tuned my 68 Camaro. I just finished assembling my own motor but I lack the knowledge of fine tuning.  A friend of mine recommended me to Jim and I couldn't be happier with the result. Not only does Jim provide excellent service in an AWESOME shop but he's a very personable guy! My car is much more street friendly now and pulls great.  I would strongly recommend anyone in need to Jim van Gordon. Thank you very much Jim.  Charles S.

(To read the article on this early Bronco, click on the image)

I was introduced to Jim from a very meticulous hot rod builder friend of mine. Jim is not just meticulous on the mechanics his builds, he also asks all the right questions to custom build your motor specifically for your needs and follows through with a genuine interest that's not common in this industry, so he knows you're satisfied.


Jim built a 347 stroker for my 1967 early Bronco that delivers 425 hp to the ground on pump gas (even Pemex!). I have all the confidence in that motor whether I'm 100 miles from the middle of nowhere racing down the Baja peninsula or pre-running the desert southwest. Thank you Jim!  Randy L.

(click on the car photos for videos)

I currently have two NASCAR'S with VG Racing Engines in them that I race with NASA on a monthly basis. They have been totally reliable, and I have no problem flogging them without any concerns about reliability. Jim is the best builder I have dealt with and I will have his engines in my cars in the future.  Bob E.


(click on the truck photo for a video)

I would like to thank Jim VanGordon and the crew at Van Gordon Racing Engines. I met Jim Van Gordon through a mutual racing friend that highly recommended Jim's engine building experience to assemble an engine for my 1969 Camaro street rod. After receiving my new engine I was 100% satisfied.


As a road course club racer I was looking to move up in horsepower and purchased a "Super Truck" NASCAR style race truck. Jim located a truck for me that he had just built a motor for that I purchased. I have put over 100 hours on the engine thus far with no problems and it has proven to be extremely reliable.


VanGordon Racing Engines always deliver! This combination of reliability and performance is a direct result of VanGordon's 35 years of engine building experience. I have always been treated fairly and with great customer service. Such attributes are truly rare in the modern world we live in now. I consider it an honor to deal with Jim VanGordon and would not ever consider going to any other builder for my needs.  Skip S.

I learned of Jim from Carlos at "The Art of Sound" in Upland. I highly recommend Carlos if you need sound, door poppers, etc for your Hot Rod. Carlos told me that every car he ever worked on which had been to VanGordon ran great!


I looked Jim up and made an appointment for a Saturday morning. I showed up and met Jim. I told Jim that I wanted him to "tune" the car; that it didn't run quite right. I started my car and it was obvious that there was a cam in the car. He then asked me to put it in gear which I did. Immediately, he gives me the hand to the throat cut it off signal. I did and when I asked him what he thought he said "I'm sorry but I can't tune this car." I was very disappointed at Jim's statement and asked why. He told me because I had the wrong torque converter in the car. In order to tune it, it would need to have the torque converter replaced with about a 2300 rpm stall speed converter. This because of the cam. He asked the grind of the cam, but since I didn't know, he used his knowledge of motors and cars to deduce the proper converter. I asked Jim if he could help and he told me he could. I had him change the converter and tune the car. When I picked up the car, it ran beautifully and has ever since.


Since that time, I have had Jim do many things to my dad's car. When I inherited the car it had 1900 miles. My dad finished it and never got to drive it much. Needless to say, it needed to be dialed in. With Jim's help we have dialed in every part of the car. I am only interested in making the car be what my dad wished. That is a driver. I drive it every weekend, all weekend.


Jim is as honest as the day is long. He will not B.S. you in any way. If he tells you something, believe it. Likely, if you take your car to someone else and you tell them "Van Gordon" says ... that guy will call Jim and get the straight of it from Jim. Today, it is really hard to find anyone who is honest. It is equally difficult to find someone who is not interested in ripping you off for the sake of money. Finally, it is almost impossible to find anyone who knows cars, motors, etc with as clean a shop and as much integrity as Jim. If you check your ego at the door and are willing to listen, I guarantee you will leave feeling happy that Jim has worked on your car.


Jim treats the work as if it were his own car. Doug L.

Jim VanGordon absolutely knows his craft. When I selected VanGordon Racing to build the engine for my jet boat, it was a decision made after researching many so called "performance" engine builders.


Jim took the time to explain the characteristics of the motor build and machining involved specific to a marine application. VanGordon Racing assembled and delivered a motor that met & exceeded my expectations. Jim also managed a very clean install of the new motor in my 18-1/2’ 1974 Challenger Jet Boat. Friends were impressed with the “attention to detail” installation.


Jim also supports the build after delivery without hesitation. He takes pride in his work for sure. On the water I could hear and feel the solid performance the motor was delivering. I’m looking forward to many seasons ahead of performance jet boating!!  Thanks a ton Jim!! Best regards, Tom L.

I found my dealings with Jim Van Gordon to be a totally satisfying experience.  I have a 1969 Corvette which I purchased new, and kept it for 10 years before selling it.  The car went through 3 more owners, and I bought it back in August of 2012.  I took it to Jim for an evaluation not long after I got it back, and since it had some engine issues we made the decision to do a full engine rebuild,  but utilizing as many of the LT-1 parts as possible.  The result was an extremely reliable, strong running, balanced and blueprinted engine that I am very pleased with.


I have also taken my 1965 Corvette to Van Gordon Racing Engines for evaluation and repair work, and look forward to a future engine rebuild on that car.

I consider Jim to be an old school master engine builder, and wouldn't hesitate to have him do work on any of my future engines, or any mechanical work for that matter.  Jim has a first class shop, is experienced and knowledgeable, and turns out a professional product. Oh yeah...he is a nice guy too.  Jeff B.

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