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   Nostalgia Eliminator can be a good entry level for new racers or guys getting back into the sport.  Building a car for Nostalgia generally requires less cash than the Fuel and Gas classes, and the cars, once built, require a lower level of maintenance.  We didn't see too many racers yanking  on wrenches between rounds.  Instead, they were walking the show 'n' shine area, hanging out at their trailers, and watching the rest of the racers from the grandstands.  Nostalgia I racer Bruce McDowell calls it "barbecue racing".  Dean Prochison, who races a '23 T in  NE3, said he doesn't want his crew chief spending all his time working on the car, since he's also the head cook.  And not a single member of Mike Lomas' Nostalgia II crew looked old enough to drive.


But it's only easy between rounds.  At the starting line, Nostalgia Eliminator is a tough class. The fields can be very tight, with only a few tenths between the number one qualifier and the bump spot.  As in all indexed classes, racers have to run that razor's edge between the index and the e.t. of the guy next to you.  Winning takes a ton of  skill and some serious seat-of-the-pants knowledge  of your  car.

January 2005 ~ Rod  & Custom

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